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TV BlackBerry 1.1

There have been some changes to improve the user experience.

Added in the lists of searches and categories icon "BB" indicating whether the television is compatible with older versions of BlackBerry.
- We have implemented a restriction icon indicating whether the TV channel has access limits in certain geographical areas as the country of origin.

- Added a slash to share on social networks.
- Added the category list of TV channels grouped by country.


Launcher Available for BlackBerry OS 4.6 - 7.1 | Click Here to Download


TV BlackBerry OS 5.0 - 7.1 category is added, here will display television channels transmission compatible with previous versions.


Introducing 1.0

This is a website designed for mobile devices and desktop browsers supported Flash & HTML5 technology (BlackBerry Q5, Q10, Z10 and Playbook), with the aim of collecting official links world TV channels with live streaming and videos.


  • Easy to navigate and fast to load.
  • List of hundreds of channels TV with live streaming and videos content.
  • TV channels will be added gradually.
  • Channel name and the description are in their respective language.
  • Friendly Design with Desktop and mobiles, specially BlackBerry 10 devices.
  • Essential search by channel name, filtered by countries and languages.
  • Explore: special for PlayBook tablet and Z10 connect to a monitor via HDMI and enjoy a better perspective.
  • List of channels by categories.
  • HTML5 Animations.
  • The website is in English and Spanish.


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